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Ilidža, ulica francuske revolucije bb, 71210 Bosnia and Herzegovina. .

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There are available dormitories for boys with limited capacity. However, Burch staff will be available for consulting and guiding new students who want to stay at rented house/apartment. Burch has good cooperation with a few private student dorms in its surrounding and will happily recommend the best suitable one for students.

For the residence permission and other related paperwork, translation fees in Bosnia and Herzegovina, you need to pay 100-200 euros for the books and other study material, depending on study program and students’ preferences on buying new or used books.

Students who won 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place on competitions. Sport scholarship. Students with certain degree of disability. Students without one or both parents. Students of war veterans or students whose parents died during the war as members of B&H Army. Students who sign pre contracts before the beginning of the admission period, students who achieve high scores on Scholarship Exam organized by university, successful students and successful sportsmen are eligible for varying range of discounts and scholarships. Please follow our main web site for periodical scholarship announcements and contact our admission’s office for further details.

Yes. There are programs for master and doctorate. You can find more information HERE

It is possible to transfer to International Burch University from any other university as Burch University complies with bologna’s criteria. Add necessary documents or link to them – all same documents as for first enrolment + transcript and withdrawal letter/ispisnica from previous university.

You can find information HERE under required documents on bottom of page.

Faculty of Education is 4+1+3 years (Bachelor + Master + PhD) 240+60+180 ECTS

Faculty of Engineering and IT is 3+2+3 years (Bachelor + Master + PhD) 180+120+180 ECTS

Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences has both programs 3+2+3 and 4+1+3

All students need to meet criteria regarding their level of English Language knowledge. There is English Language proficiency exam to test the students’ level of knowledge of English Language. Students who pass English Language proficiency exam can proceed with further steps of registration with the selected faculty. Also students who provide valid certificate with 300 points from TOEFL or 180 points from IELTS exam are counted as adequate.

If student fails English Language proficiency exam, then it is highly advisable that he or she attends English language in classes preparatory school. These classes are beneficial for English Language knowledge improvement since these are organized in manner that is required to meet needed criteria and can greatly assist students to pass English Language proficiency exam. Classes last about 8 months: divided into 4 courtships, A1-A2-B1-B2

International Burch University has various facilities available to our students. These are: fully equipped gym with included shower/latrine units, restaurant, coffee cantinas, student pavilion, parking lot for all visitors and students, outdoor basketball and football courts, huge indoor sports court (under construction), reading and studying room, library, free Wi-Fi for all students and visitors, large conference hall. All university facilities are guarded and are limited for Burch students and staff only.

Yes, International Burch University accepts students from whole world.


For more details, contact:

International Admission

Elvira Čolo

Tel: +387 33 944 440 or 387 33 944 479

E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]